Today's transportation companies struggle to overcome steadily rising fuel and labor costs, profit-strangling regulation, and cutthroat competition. Adload presents a way for haulers to boost their revenue quickly and easily.


Adload digital displays do not interrupt the workflow of daily operational routines. Our patented technology makes our dynamic digital displays a part of the trailer door, so there's nothing to detach or touch to load or unload cargo.


When carriers haul with Adload, there's no need for additional training for drivers, dispatchers, or computer operators. We handle all the technical details, installation, and backend operation of our smart digital displays.


Adload's backend cloud technology manages all display adverts, schedules, and operations. Carriers only need to continue their regular operations while we take care of the rest.

Trucking Revolution

Rising fuel, labor, maintenance, and other costs put extreme pressure on transportation companies and drivers. A strong economy boosts revenues, but margins remain razor-thin, resulting in less profit per load. More than ever, transport companies must maximize their earnings on each delivery. Adload provides a solution for carriers to earn additional revenue on every mile.


Additional Revenue Stream

Adload presents a way for haulers to earn revenue without adding overhead costs. Fleet owners, for-hire carriers, and owner-operators can earn money from what's outside the trailer as well as what's inside. Trailers equipped with Adload digital displays provide reliable income that can help alleviate the cash flow crunch all carriers experience from time to time.


Business As Usual

Adload digital displays do not interrupt the workflow of daily operational routines. Our smart digital displays are engineered to blend in and become a part of the trailer door. Doors operate as normal, and the trailer remains fully functional, with no reduction of capacity or access. Carriers can operate one or a hundred Adload-enabled trailers with no additional burdens placed on drivers, maintenance crews, or fleet managers.


Minimal Initial Investment

Adload helps equip carriers with pre-built digital display doors on their current fleet or mediate special leasing offers on already equipped trailers for rates significantly below the current market value. This allows carriers to not have to purchase, expand, or significantly alter their fleet. Adloads handles all the technical details. We maintain the hardware and ensure all the messages display correctly and at the right time.


Turnkey Operation

Carriers can earn revenue as soon as they start hauling with Adload equipped trailers. Adload's cloud content management technology remotely updates and schedules messages, loads geofence information, and collects data for analytics. All of our displays are 100 percent built and maintained in the USA, so you can rest assured that the components and workmanship is top-notch!