Choose specific locations and regions to target your message. Our platform allows advertisers to reach a very precise or broad range of audiences.


Our platform permits advertisers to alter their messages depending on the trailer display's location, time of day, weather, current events, and more.


Adload's digital displays move with the flow of traffic, allowing more view time. This enables messages to get the maximum amount of exposure per view.


View day to day analytics, learn about the effectiveness of your message and work with our team to develop the most effective campaign to reach your audience.

Digital Out of Home Advertising Revolution

Adload's innovative digital trailer display advertising offers a lucrative, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Out of Home advertising. Unlike other forms, our ads are both unobtrusive and always viewable.


Precise Targeting

Select from a variety of variables to custom tailor any message to display at the most effective times and locations. Have the option to spread across multiple locations at once or geofence around a targeted market. Allowing advertisers to choose various variables such as weather, events, and community spotlight, targeting extends beyond national vs. local focus.


Engagement and Impact

Presenting messages to the right audience at the right time is only part of the marketing battle. To be effective, messages must also capture potential customers' interests and intentions. Our dynamic digital displays give advertisers a vivid high-definition way to engage viewers. Brands can keep customers' interest by placing helpful up to date information from our cloud network such as stock indices, sports scores, news headlines, or even entertainment vignettes among their commercial messages – all in vivid color and crystal-clear resolution.


Frequency, Reach, and Exposure

Adload's digital displays are always on and display content that is moving at a similar pace as their audience, whether it's creeping along in rush hour traffic or cruising at 65 miles per hour on the freeway. This synchronicity ensures more view time per message.


Omnichannel Support

Adload's sophisticated programmatic technology not only displays and switches content to match prospective customers' demographics, but it also collects and categorizes data for future marketing. Marketers will quickly find that programmatic digital out of home advertising from Adload will evolve into a critical component of their omnichannel strategy.